How to add a student to Sparx manually

Schools can add students to the Sparx site manually if they don't have an MIS integration. If you do have an MIS integration please see the following article for more information: How do students get into your Sparx site and into classes?


To add students to your Sparx site manually go to Student Manager under the More tab.

Click the Add student(s) tab at the top right of the screen and choose Add single student.

Fill in the details for the student and share their User account information with them. Don't forget to save the details.

Screenshot 2021-01-21 at 15.28.12

Finally, instruct them to follow the New user process to access their account (Details of this can be found here)

If you have large numbers of students to add to Sparx you might find the following article useful: How to run a CSV import for students