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How does the Wonde integration work?

What is Wonde?

Wonde is a service that we use to 'talk' to your school's Management Information System (MIS).

Wonde is used by over 17,000 schools in the UK to securely share their data with suppliers like Sparx. It's been designed with data privacy in mind, meaning that it's fully GDPR compliant and ensures that you only share the data with us that you want to. 

How does Wonde support my use of Sparx?

Using Wonde, we extract data about your maths classes, your students and their parents, from your MIS. We use this data to:

  • Set up your classes in Sparx and keep them in sync with your school's MIS
  • Automatically create Sparx accounts for your students
  • Send parent emails

What effect does the Wonde integration have on classes in Sparx?

When you start using Sparx and at the beginning of each academic year thereafter, we will import all maths classes for the school years that will be using Sparx, from your school's MIS. 

The classes that we can import, the name of each class, and class memberships (the students that belong to each class) are all controlled by your school's MIS. You won't be able to change these things manually in Sparx.

If you make any changes to imported classes in your MIS (for example, changing the name of the class or changing class memberships), we'll automatically sync these with Sparx.

If you want to change the classes that are imported from your MIS (for example, remove a class that's currently imported or add one that's not currently imported), contact us at schoolsupport@sparx.co.uk and we'll arrange for the changes to be made.

Once a class is removed from Sparx, you'll no longer be able to see that class in Teacher Portal and students in that class will no longer be able to use Sparx (unless they belong to another imported class).

Because students can only belong to one class in Sparx, we will only import core maths classes by default (for example, we won't import intervention groups).

You can ask us to import additional classes, but we can only do this where it wouldn't cause a student to belong to more than one class in Sparx. We recommend checking this in your school's MIS before requesting such a change.

What effect does the Wonde integration have on students in Sparx?

We will automatically import any student that is a member of a class that's been imported from your school's MIS. They'll be placed into the relevant class in Sparx and we'll create a Sparx account for them.

Where available in your school's MIS, we will also store details of the primary parental contact's email address against each student, and we'll send them weekly parent emails to update them on their child's progress in Sparx. They'll be presented with an option to unsubscribe from these emails if they don't want to receive them.

If you make any changes to imported students in your MIS (for example, changing the student's name), we'll automatically sync these with Sparx.

If following MIS changes a student is removed from Sparx, they will no longer appear in Teacher Portal, and the student will no longer be able to use Sparx.

If a student's name changes, we don't automatically update their username, as this could lead to a situation where the student can't login if they don't know their new username. 

If you want to change a student's username to reflect any name change, you can do that manually as described in this article:

How to find a student's login details, reset their password, and edit their username

How often do Wonde update Sparx with changes that are made in my school's MIS?

Wonde will extract the latest data from your school's MIS overnight, every night (7 days a week). Sparx will in turn retrieve this data from Wonde. This means that any changes made to classes and students in your MIS should be reflected in Sparx within 24 hours.