How do parents and carers subscribe, unsubscribe or resubscribe to emails?

The weekly parent emails are sent if one or more parents/carers are listed as having parental responsibility and having priority level 1 in your school’s Management Information System (MIS). Once this is done, they will be synced with our system and will start to receive weekly notification emails when the next homework goes out.

We feel that parental engagement is really important, however, if a parent or carer does not want to receive these messages, then they can use the link ‘Update your email preferences’ at the bottom of the email to manage their subscription.

If you have an exceptional circumstance, e.g. a safeguarding concern, please contact for further advice.

If you have a parent or carer who has previously unsubscribed but wants to start receiving emails again, then please contact us and we will restart these emails for them.


For more information please see What information is emailed to parents and carers by Sparx?