How are parent and carer email addresses added to Sparx?

MIS Integration

If you have an MIS integration with Sparx your parent and carer email addresses are added automatically.

Emails will be sent to parents/carers who are tagged as having Parental responsibility and Priority 1.

No MIS integration

If you don't have an MIS integration then you will need to add the parent and carer emails yourself in one of the following two ways:

  1. Add one parent/carer email address in the CSV upload. See these resources for how:
    How to run a CSV import - video
    How to run a CSV import - article
    You can add further addresses manually - see below.
  2. Add multiple parent/care email addresses manually from the Student Manager page:

    a. Go to the Student Manager page or use the Search Students option in the top right of the screen to find the student you want to associate a parent/carer email address to.

    b. Go to the student's details and add email address/s as needed: