How and why to encourage students to do XP Boost and Target homework

Students are set three types of bespoke homework each week: Compulsory, XP Boost and Target.


Compulsory homework focuses on any topics you have put into homework for that week and for that class, using the Planner page on Teacher Portal. Compulsory homework also includes bespoke consolidation on topics that students have covered but haven't yet mastered, as well as revision questions on topics they haven't seen recently.


The time taken to complete Compulsory homework depends on the length option you choose using the Planner page on Teacher Portal. Full-length Compulsory homework should normally take around an hour to finish and students must get all of their questions correct before they are deemed to have completed it.

XP Boost

XP Boost homework is an opportunity for each student to continue their learning by answering more consolidation and revision questions from topics previously covered in homework. We expect XP Boost homework to take around 30 minutes for each student to complete, unless they were set to Optional only homework already, in which case it will take around 60 minutes.


Target homework is made up of up to six questions that Sparx thinks each student will find challenging. We recommend that students work through their Target homework with someone who can help them if they need it, however it is important that students ultimately answer the questions themselves. Parents and carers receive emails each week with information about the current homework and a link to a video that can be used to support their child in answering their first target question.


Our research has suggested that students who spend more time working on their XP Boost and Target homework as well as their Compulsory homework tend to make better progress in their learning.


We highly recommend that schools actively encourage students to complete their XP Boost and Target homework. This can be done by using the Hand-in page to reward and praise students who do more than their Compulsory homework. Students earn Sparx Experience Points (XP) for every task they complete, and even more XP if they complete their XP Boost and Target homework, and so some schools tie the amount of XP they earn to their existing rewards system. Schools may also want to consider dedicating some class time to Target homework if appropriate.


Note: if no topics are included in the Scheme of Learning or Planner for a particular week, the students will receive consolidation material for their Compulsory and XP Boost homework, and no Target homework will be generated.