How adding topics to homework differs in Sparx Homework and Classroom schools

Topics are added to homework differently depending on what Sparx product you use

Homework only schools:

Homework content can be seen on the Planner page. The Planner is automatically populated from the Scheme of Learning (SoL) that is linked to the class.

Topics can still be added, moved and/or removed each week on the Planner page.


Note: if the Planner is empty in a Homework only school then it is probable that no Scheme of Learning has been added to the class.

Sparx Maths (Lessons) schools:

If you are using Sparx Maths Classroom as well as Sparx Homework then the homework Planner will be empty each week until you have taught some objectives to your class.

This is to ensure that students don't receive topics in their homework that they have not yet been taught in lessons.

Once an objective has reached the taught threshold it will automatically be added to the next homework.

If for any reason the objective/s you want to include in your homework have not reached the taught threshold then they can be added manually.

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We recommend that class teachers check the homework Planner each week to make sure that appropriate content is planned.