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[Classroom] Getting the most out of Sparx

The resources in this article are predominantly aimed at schools that are using Sparx Classroom as well as Sparx Homework. If you are a Sparx Homework only school you may find the last two points on the list the most useful.

We have worked with schools to produce resources to support you in getting the most out of Sparx Classroom and Homework

Our Best Practice document outlines the areas which Sparx can be used to support specific areas of development in your department, including:

    • Choosing which objective/s to teach
    • Planning how to teach your chosen objectives and to check understanding
    • Preparing teaching and learning activities
    • Managing devices (practical, not technical)
    • Teaching the whole class
    • Monitoring and supporting individual learning and differentiation
    • Promoting student video use behaviour that builds confidence and resilience
    • Facilitate and monitor bookwork
    • Assess for learning at the end of the lesson
    • Monitoring homework completion
    • Using homework to plan next steps in learning
We have also produced a training resource which you might find useful to facilitate conversations with your department about the listed areas: Getting the most out of Sparx