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Dashboard page

The Dashboard is the first screen you see when you log in to the Teacher Portal, and it is possible to navigate to all areas of the site from here. To get back to this screen at any time simply click Dashboard at the top of the left sidebar.

The main focus on the Dashboard is a homework hand-in section, in which it is possible to see Compulsory, XP Boost, and Target completion progress in one view (please note: this section will only display information for classes with a hand-in date in the future). It also includes more insight into whether homework is complete, incomplete, or not opened. Clicking on a class row in the table will take you to the Hand-in page for the class, allowing you to see the class hand-in progress in more detail at a student level.

The Knowledge Base articles section includes links to useful info about using Sparx, helping students set up their account, ideas for motivating students, and links to resources such as certificates.