CSV formatting guidance

Please note: only CSV format is supported. Other formats such as Microsoft Excel will need to be saved in a CSV format, before they can be imported into Sparx.


Whilst we will ignore any data that we do not require to provision student accounts, for data protection reasons we strongly recommend that you do not include any student data in your CSV file, beyond the columns that we ask for.

Required columns

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Date of birth
    • Must be provided in the format yyyy-mm-dd (e.g. 1st September 2005 would be 2005-09-01)
  • Class
    • Must be the name of a class that exists in Class Manager
    • This is case-sensitive (e.g. if the class is called 7a1 in Class Manager, you cannot specify 7A1 in the CSV file)

Optional columns

  • MIS/External ID
    • If you specify an MIS/External ID for a student, we can use this to later pair a manually-imported student’s record with their counterpart record in your school’s MIS (Management Information System, e.g. SIMS)
    • For UK schools, please use the student’s ‘UPN’ (Unique Pupil Number)
  • Parent email address
    • If specified, this must be a valid email address
    • Only one parent email address can be included per student
  • A header row can optionally be included