[Classroom] What are Sparx starters and plenaries?

Sparx Starters and Plenaries are sets of questions to help reinforce the main learning points in a lesson. Both Sparx Starters and Sparx Plenaries are made up of Introduce and Strengthen questions but do not include any Deepen questions.

Sparx Starters

Sparx starters automatically feature topics from the last two Sparx topics that the class was taught, provided they met the taught criteria and that the lesson was ended.

If no previous topics for the class have reached the taught threshold then no Starter questions will appear in your lesson.

If you don't meet the 'taught' criteria for a topic very often then your starter questions will focus on the same topic for multiple lessons, until a new topic is marked as taught. In these scenarios, we don't recommend you use Sparx Starters.

Sparx Plenaries 

Sparx plenaries are comprised of questions that recap the objectives covered in the current lesson


You may choose to use (or not to use) Sparx starters and plenaries in some or all of your lessons depending on your judgment of what is best for your class.