To reward and motivate students, Sparx provides templates for certificates that can be given to students when they reach a new level within Sparx, or put in outstanding effort.

Some Sparx schools like to award certificates during assemblies, others favour sending these as postcards home, so that their parents or carers can see the great work the student is doing.

Level Certificates

These certificates can be given to students when they level up. You can view students' XP, their current level, XP needed to gain the next level, and other information in the Student Rewards page in Teacher Portal.

For your ease of use, we have prepared these to be two certificates to a page, allowing you to adjust the percentage scale when printing in order to fill your chosen paper size.

The Custom Achievement Certificate can be rewarded for things such as:

  • Fantastic effort 
  • Best improvement 
  • Good resilience, e.g. a student who completed all their homework while at home with a broken leg
  • Reward students in-between XP levels
  • If a student has made a really good turn around, for example gaining a lot of XP in a short space of time

Or you can reward your Class of the week

We also have some posters of Content Principles and Example Questions