Additional training presentations

Additional information for teachers and colleagues covering topics such a parent communication, Bookwork Checks and rewards.

Parent Communication

This presentation describes information covered on the weekly Sparx Homework email that is sent to parents so you can understand what is being communicated to them through the product. This can also be useful to share with parents when informing them about Sparx Maths.

Sparx Bookwork Checks

This presentation has more information about the importance of bookwork  It also demonstrates how to interpret failed Bookwork Check alerts and how how to maintain good levels of bookwork in your class.

Sparx Content and Attainment Levels

This presentation explains more about Sparx Content, course levels and structure as well as describing the content features of Sparx lessons and homework.

Student Rewards

This presentation explains more about Sparx student rewards such as games, XP points and other motivational ideas.