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5 steps to setting your first homework (MIS Schools)

Follow these steps to set your first homework after you have had your department training.

1. Create staff members

2. Build your Schemes of Learning

3. Engage parents

4. Set your first homework

5. Onboard your students

1. Create staff members

    • Click on the Staff Manager page under the More tab on the left-hand side of the screen
    • Click Add staff member.
    • Fill in the form and click Save

When new staff users are added to Sparx they will automatically receive an automated email inviting them to join and create a password.

2. Build your Schemes of Learning

Building a SOL


3. Engage parents


Decide how you want to communicate with parents and carers about Sparx.

You might want to use our Sparx Parent Letter Template and our Top tips for parents overview.


4. Set your first homework

Before turning homework on:

If you want to give new students the option of trying their first homework in school during a lesson you will need to make sure you have switched homework on in advance of that lesson.

Example plan in a week where Hand out is at 15:00 on Thursday and Hand in is on the following Wednesday:

Thursday: turn homework on well before 15:00

Friday: introduce your class to Sparx, get them logged in, and starting their homework

Saturday - Tuesday: monitor homework to ensure students finish on time

Wednesday - check homework is complete


If you need advice on deciding when to turn homework on we are here to help. Contact us at schoolsupport@sparx.co.uk

How to set your first homework:

Setting the first homework

5. Onboard your students

a) Introduce students to Sparx:

Bookwork Video

b) Show students how to log in:

How students log in

Further resources to introduce Sparx to students:

Congratulations - you have now set your first homework!

Next steps

Below are some links to get you started in thinking about how your department could ensure students complete 100% of their homework each week: