Why aren’t my classes showing as available to import?

      Why aren’t my classes showing as available to import?

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        If when you go to the Class Manager page there are no classes listed check the following common scenarios for why this might be:

        1. Your MIS sync is still pending setup

        The work behind the scenes is not yet complete. We use a third-party provider called Wonde to talk to your MIS provider. You or your network manager can find out the status of the sync by logging in to Wonde using this link and carrying out any outstanding actions needed.

        You can also see more about the Set Up Status of your Wonde sync by going to your Getting Started Steps page (which you can find by clicking the Support Centre button in the top right of your screen) when you are logged into Sparx.

        Find out more about our MIS integration here:Integrating with Wonde to connect Sparx to your MIS

        2. Classes have only just been added to your MIS

        Wonde syncs with your MIS around every 4 hours and Sparx syncs with Wonde every night so if the classes have only just been added then they will not be showing in Sparx yet. To try a manual sync into Sparx you can use the Preview and sync latest changes button in your Class Manager> Manage Imported Classes:

        3. There are no subjects linked to your classes in your MIS.

        We will search for classes linked to maths-related subjects when choosing which classes to initially display to you in Sparx. If no classes are displaying then use the search bar to look for classes linked to different subjects.

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