What are XP and Levels?

      What are XP and Levels?

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        Every time a student completes a task, they earn Sparx Experience Points (XP)

        Questions from different homework types earn students different numbers of points.

        HomeworkXP available per HW
        XP Boost405
        Independent Learning
        100 (per task)

        Click here to learn more about these different homework types.

        Students reach a new Level for every 10,000 XP they earn

        Roughly speaking, if students complete all of their Compulsory, XP Boost and Target homeworks they should reach a new XP Level every term, and if they just complete their Compulsory homework they should reach a new Level every academic year. 

        XP Levels in Sparx go up to 25. Currently the level does not increase past this, however the XP total will keep increasing so for every 10,000XP a student will achieve another level - i.e. 260,000 = level 26, 270,000 = level 27 and so on. We have created certificates for up to level 50.

        Note: XP are accumulated across academic years, so students will keep their XP and Levels when they move from one year to the next

        You can view a student's XP and Levels within your Sparx site

        • To compare all students at once or view a breakdown of XP earned each week, use the Homework completion report which you can download from the Reporting page. Click here to learn more about the Homework completion report.
        • To view students' XP over any time period within your Sparx site, go to the Student Rewards page under More on the left of the screen. Click here to learn more about the Student Rewards page.
        Click here to view our downloadable certificates to reward your students
        XP Levels are not currently transferrable between schools

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