Explaining Sparx to your department

      Explaining Sparx to your department

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        There are some key points we recommend you cover with your department. 

        1. Share the unique features of Sparx Maths

        The unique features of Sparx Maths can be grouped under two key benefits:

        Sparx Maths facilitates the setting of high expectations to maximise impact, leading to significantly improved outcomes for students

        Personalisation in Sparx Maths means that students are able to answer all of their homework questions correctly so expectations for homework completion can be high.

        Sparx Maths enables teachers' to spend their time and expertise on engaging students rather than on administrative tasks

        The tools built into Sparx Maths reduces admin time for teachers and allow them to refocus on supporting students with their learning.

        • Homework is marked for you
        • Bookwork Checks encourage students to write down their working out with minimal input from teachers
        • Homework questions are set automatically according to your Scheme of Learning
        • The content library that these questions come from covers every topic up to GCSE and was 10 years in the making
        • Changes to homework can easily be made on the Planner page if needed
        • The Hand in page shows clear information about how students are getting on with their homework making it easy to track
        • The Insights page shows how students have performed in their homework, providing follow-up activities
        • Parents/carers are emailed automatically with updates of how their child is doing each week

        2. Give your teachers time to complete the training

        When teachers log in they will be presented with a series of interactive training modules. Set aside time for your team to complete these (around 30-45 minutes) and provide an opportunity to discuss them as a group afterwards. Find out more in our article: What is Sparx training?

        4. Plan and share your homework monitoring policy with them

        Having clear guidance about how homework should be monitored will help ensure consistency and reduce the cognitive load of decision making for both teachers and students. Take a look at our article on Creating a department homework monitoring policy for examples of what to cover in your homework monitoring policy.

        5. Give teachers regular opportunities to discuss Sparx Maths

        Make time for your department to regularly share how they are getting on with each other. This will give everyone the chance to share things that are going well and to iron out any misconceptions or challenges.

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