Adding your school holidays

      Adding your school holidays

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        Holiday dates are used to help you organise your topics in your Schemes of Learning (SoLs) so we highly recommend you add them before building any schemes.

        Go to More > School Settings and click on to the Academic Year tab.

        To add new holiday dates:

        • Choose the academic year you want to add your holiday dates to from the Academic Year dropdown 
        • Select Add new holiday then give it a name, for example, Autumn half-term
        • Pick a start and end date, for example, Saturday until the Sunday before the holiday ends
        • Select the Add button to save this holiday.


        You can add as many holidays as you like for the year and they can be as long as you would like them.

        Where Monday to Friday is set as a holiday No Homework weeks will be turned on automatically when creating a scheme of learning

        Find out more about how holidays work with Schemes of Learning, and how to set a No Homework week in the following articles:

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